React Forms can quickly get complicated. Formik will save you both time & tears.

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Forms in React vs. traditional HTML, CSS & Vanilla JS:

React forms can get a little hairy, simply because of the scoping issues with a multiple component structure (brought about by the idea of modularized components).

Add to that the complex data flow between those separate components — in terms of state management, and it is very easy to lose sight of the big picture.

When working in a professional environment under tight deadlines, time is of the essence. Code MUST be written well in a manner that is clean, scalable, maintainable and reusable with proper aspects of security in place.

So you’ve built a contact form in your React web app that is laid out like so (minus the placeholders):

Struggles, rejections, defeat — as painful as they are, they shape us. If we channel our energy towards positivity, we win.

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Our first natural instinct when we get rejected is to reflect inward and ask the seemingly never-ending question “Why not me?”. What we often fail to remember — is that we are unique. You are unique in your own way, as am I… and so is your Cat. We all have certain personalities, desires and more importantly, we all have our own unique JOURNEYS.

Just because you faced a certain rejection somewhere does not mean that you are inadequate…

We’ve all seen the complete gibberish inside of URLs. What exactly does it all mean? Well, let’s break it down.

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Lets Begin:

A quick step-by-step guide for freelancers, small businesses, or non-profit owners.

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**(Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links for which I might receive a small commission from BlueHost, at no extra cost to you if you choose to purchase through my links)**.

So you’re ready:

If you’re a blogger — you’re probably saying “…this is it. I’m doing it. I’m starting my own blogging site and I will have an audience with whom I can connect on a daily basis.”

If you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or head of a non-profit, you might be ready to take your brand, product, or service to…

Learn this neat little trick to pass chunks of props back up the component tree!

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Quick and easy:

If you’ve used React, you have obviously passed data down from a parent component to a child using props. This is called uni-directional data flow.

What if I showed you a little trick which could allow you to conversely pass small chunks of props from the CHILD component back up to the PARENT component?

Here’s the trick — very simple. We have 2 components:

  • Parent: App.js
  • Child: Child.js

Use the following steps:

  • Create a function inside your parent component, pass it a parameter and log…

So you’ve built your website and you need to give it a home… look no further.

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(Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links for which I might receive a small commission through BlueHost, at no extra cost to you if you choose to purchase through my links).

Let’s begin!

I’m going to try to chop out as much fluff as I can.

BlueHost is offering some pretty amazing deals for WordPress users.

Right now, the Special Offer For WordPress Users offers the following:

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  • FREE SSL Certificate.
  • Automatic WordPress Installs.
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Even though pricing and offers my vary over time, right now their plans offer the following:


Welcome to the headless world of flexibility, composability, and lightweight tables — introducing React Table by TanStack.

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(Disclosure: This article contains an affiliate link at the bottom for which I might receive a small commission through BlueHost, at no extra cost to you if you choose to purchase through my link).

Let’s begin

So let’s say that you’re building a React app that tracks Earthquakes live around the globe using the USGS (United States Geological Survey) API.

This API returns us a list of earthquakes from the past hour — all varying in magnitude from 0–7.

Our goal is to render these…

Even though interviews are hard, there is always valuable insight to be drawn from them— here are some of my experiences…

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I learned that:

  1. Even though they felt really long, I never had enough time to really showcase my skills and personality holistically. That is because one hour is just not enough to paint a detailed picture of your technical capabilities and problem-solving skills. The pressure doesn’t quite allow you to be 100%.
  2. When I first stared out as a junior, I really underestimated the importance of web-performance, reusability and scalability. Needless to say, that changed with time!
  3. Good communication (not babbling and…

An important ingredient for a successful project is productivity — that’s exactly what these JavaScript short-hands will increase. Let’s dive in.

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(Not in order of importance)

1) Optional Chaining

How many times (?) have you tried to access a nested property on an object to check whether or not it exists — and depending on whether or not it does exist, you might perform some logic. …

Slow and steady does not always win the race. When it comes to preventing bounce rates, speed is the answer!

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Lets just get into the meat of it:

1. Reduce Main-Thread work

Since JavaScript is single-threaded — the Main-Thread is basically the one focal point inside your browser which includes things such as the Call-Stack, Browser APIs ( setTimeout , Promise , AJAX etc.) and the different queues. The Main Thread performs all the actions to make a web site work such as:

  • Parsing HTML.
  • Executing scripts and user-events.
  • Style and layout applications.
  • Garbage Collection etc.

Successfully executing the below steps will help satisfy this crucial step.

2. Minify your code

Doing this will lighten your file sizes and will make it easier for you to bundle your…

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